Luis is a brand new organizer in Nevada.


He’s excited and wants to do his job well, but there’s so much to learn in so little time.

Gabby is a seasoned community organizer working on her first presidential race in Iowa.


She knows she can build a team, but wants to grow in new ways too.

These two completely different organizers are fighting the same battles.


They know there’s so much out there that could help them; but frankly, they just don’t have the bandwidth.


Each wishes there was one place to turn to for the tips and inspiration they need.


Now there is!

Meet 63 Magazine

63 Magazine is a digital magazine and online community for aspiring and experienced progressive political organizers.


63Mag provides motivation and know-how to help organizers do what they do, a little better. 63 Magazine gives industry experts a platform to share learning and advice that helps organizers connect and grow in professional and personal ways.


63Mag is presented by organizers, for organizers; so we understand how little time and attention organizers have. We meet organizers where they are to help them get through their day, meet their goals, and prepare for their future — all while having fun.


63 Magazine: a love letter for organizers, the heart and soul of progressive campaigns.

What To Expect In Each Issue of 63 Magazine

63Mag is all about helping organizers like you do your job even better. Here are some key sections you can expect in every issue of 63 Magazine:
  • Motivation & Muses: Interviews and guidance to stay inspired.
  • Do Your Job: Advice and best practices to help improve your organizing skills.
  • Grow Your Skills: Learn about other departments to help your overall development.
  • Organizer Life Hacks: Easy changes to improve your work
  • Take Care of Yourself: Improve your health, wealth, and well-being.
  • Organizer Spotlight: Highlighting current and former organizers.
  • Have Some Fun: Smiling makes you better.
Every issue is crammed full of inspiration and advice from experts and peers alike.

Meet the 63Mag Team


Hi, I’m Alice. I joined my first campaign as an Organizing Fellow for Barack Obama in Richmond, Virginia in the summer of 2008. I loved it and continued working for Obama until he won for the second time in 2012. I’m still filled with dread when I think about call time, but I miss working with my volunteer leaders and doing voter reg like crazy.

Alice McAlexander

Editor in Chief

Nick Penney

Art Director

Hi, I’m Warren. I'm a proud 'victim' of Obama for America's field prowess, which converted me from a one-time volunteer in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2007 into a full-fledged community organizing evangelist. I was dragged up the ladder of engagement and propeled into a dream political career, all thanks to that first one-on-one with my local organizer, Luis.

Warren Flood


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