Committee Spotlight: Democratic National Committee

This issue of 63 Magazine, we’re highlighting the amazing work of our national Democratic committees to show you some of the work happening around you, to introduce you to opportunities that exist outside of your current campaign, and to help you learn how you can contribute to their organizing efforts.


Democratic National Committee (DNC)


Elect Democrats across the country, represent the interests of working families, fight for equal opportunities and justice for all Americans, and make progress on issues like job creation, equal pay, education, health care, and clean energy.


For 167 years, the DNC has been responsible for governing the Democratic Party and is the oldest continuing party committee in the United States. The Committee plans the Party’s presidential nominating convention and promotes the Democratic Platform, the statement of core principles at the heart of the Party. The DNC also raises money, hires staff, and coordinates strategy to support candidates throughout the country for local, state, and national office. Additionally, the Committee works with various constituencies to respond to the needs and views of Democrats across the nation.

Organizing Influence:

Though most field efforts are run through the state parties, the DNC plays two crucial roles in supporting organizing across the country. First, the operations department works with state parties to allocate resources. These resources help campaigns hire field organizers and other staff to execute campaign strategies in state. Often, the state party works with the presidential candidate to create a coordinated campaign—a campaign that coordinates work on all important statewide and national races. Without these resources, many states would be unable to build such vigorous campaigns.

Second, the DNC has invested in housing a national voter file in VoteBuilder by NGP VAN, which gives progressive campaigns an integrated platform of the best fundraising, compliance, organizing, digital, and social networking products. This robust voter file is constantly being updated and improved by campaigns across the country. When one campaign uses VoteBuilder, the updates they make to voter information benefit all other campaigns who use VoteBuilder. As an organizer, you know how much you use VAN every day to find and communicate with supporters and volunteers. The DNC’s investment in this voter file helps every campaign improve the outreach and organizing efforts of those that follow.

Get Involved:

If you’re organizing for a large statewide or national race, you’re probably already either part of a coordinated campaign or working hand in hand with your state party. Continue to improve your collaboration with other important races in your state—working together will help your candidate and others! You can also follow the work of the DNC on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.