Committee Spotlight: Young Democrats of America

This issue of 63 Magazine, we’re highlighting the amazing work of our national Democratic committees to show you some of the work happening around you, to introduce you to opportunities that exist outside of your current campaign, and to help you learn how you can contribute to their organizing efforts.


Young Democrats of America (YDA)


Elect Democrats, advocate for progressive issues and train the next generation of progressive leaders. Founded in 1932, YDA is the largest partisan, youth-led political organization in America.


YDA focuses on three areas to support their mission. The first starts with electing Democrats: YDA works across the country to increase voter turnout, particularly among the youth vote. This includes creating campaign plans, encouraging young Democrats to run for office, and providing resources for Democratic candidates. The second area is training. YDA offers interactive, cutting-edge trainings focused on developing the next generation of Democratic elected leaders, organizers and campaign strategists. The third is taking action on issues. As a vanguard of the Democratic Party, YDA works to create a generation of strong advocates for progressive Democratic values.

Organizing Efforts:

YDA works to get all state chapters involved at the local, state, and national level. This year, YDA is collaborating with state and local chapters on turning out the youth vote through volunteer phone banks and “campaign invasions,” which are concentrated door-to-door canvassing efforts in targeted areas.

Get Involved:

You can follow the work of YDA on their website, Facebook, and Twitter. Those interested in getting involved can also reach out to their state or local Young Democrats chapters. You can also reach out to your state or local chapters to involve them in your voter contact efforts!