Healthy Eating Tips – with Michelle Berger Marshall & Stacy Berger

The food you eat is like a lot of stuff in organizing – to control it, you have to make an effort and make sacrifices. When everything gets busy, it gets hard to make smart decisions about what you eat and you start to feel like you’ve lost control. Next thing you know, you’re only consuming cake, pizza, and an actually dangerous amount of energy drinks.

It’s easy to lose control of what you eat on a campaign and then once you’ve lost control, you feel like there’s no point in trying to get it back. But that’s wrong – you can make small changes that will add up to a big difference.

Eating more healthily will keep your body better prepared to do all the hard work you need to do and it will help you feel more like yourself. Of course you’ll eat some of the homemade baked goods that are ever-present in campaign offices, and of course you’ll eat literally anything that’s in front of you during GOTV.  But before you get to those inevitable crazy moments, make your health a priority.

To help you out, we have some tips for you from Michelle Berger Marshall and Stacy Berger. Together, they’ve shared some simple steps you can implement (even with your crazy schedule), to give your body the best fuel.

Drink water:

Sip water or other drinks with few or no calories to help maintain a healthy weight. Keep a water bottle in your bag or at your desk to satisfy your thirst throughout the day. (*Editor’s note: I sometimes try to limit my bad for you drinks to a certain amount each day. That way, I have to switch to water at some point and plan when I’m going to drink those yummy diet cokes. You won’t always make it, but at least you tried!*)

Go for great whole grains:

Look for whole-wheat breads, popcorn, and whole-oat cereals that are high in fiber and low in added sugars, saturated fat, and sodium. Limit refined-grain products such as snack bars, cakes, and sweetened cereals.

Nibble on lean protein:

Choose lean protein foods such as low-sodium deli meats, unsalted nuts, or eggs. Store unsalted nuts in your desk or hard-cooked eggs and deli meats in the office fridge to enjoy any time. (Don’t have an office fridge? Craigslist that right away. 100% worth it.) Wrap sliced, low sodium deli turkey or ham around an apple wedge for a great and healthy snack.

Eat throughout the day:

Keep your blood sugar level throughout the day to avoid that afternoon crash where you’ll likely crave sugar. Plan to eat every two-three hours.

Keep an eye on the size:

So we just told you to snack (as you should!). But snacks shouldn’t replace a meal. Store snack-size bags at your office and use them to control serving sizes.

Fruits are quick and easy:

Fresh, frozen, dried, or canned fruits can be easy “grab-and-go” options that need little preparation. Grab a bunch of them! They even have fruit at 7-11 and McDonald’s, so you have no excuses here.

Make half your plate fruits and vegetables:

Any time you have a chance, add fruit and vegetables to meals as part of main or side dishes. Choose red, orange, or dark-green vegetables like tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and broccoli, along with other vegetables for meals.

Plan, plan, plan! 

We know you have very little time to meal plan and grocery shop (also, meal planning is SO adult). But most weeks, try to schedule in an hour to stop by a grocery store. Plan what you’re going to buy – any snacks you can have on hand to avoid eating a third brownie and any meals you have control over (like breakfast).