63 Magazine was originally designed for the iPad. Get our app to get all issues for free.

Issues of 63 Magazine are now available for free in the Apple store!

We are so excited at 63 Magazine for every organizer across the country to have access to these issues. 63 Magazine exists to make organizing easier, and so we want to make sure you can get it for free, easily, right now.

Below are the steps you can take to download the issues for free.

To begin the download process, either:

1. Download the issue by clicking here:



Search for 63 Magazine in the Apple App Store.


2. After selecting GET, select INSTALL.



3. The 63 Magazine App will begin downloading. Find the app icon on your phone/iPad – it should default as the last app icon.

When you open it, the app will ask you for your notifications preferences. Select OK or Don’t Allow.



4. Once it opens, select Subscribe.



5. Enjoy!