Make Call Time More Enjoyable: Call Time Bingo

We all know the importance of call time. Call time is sacred for a lot of different reasons. It’s the time you dedicate every day to volunteer recruitment. It’s a time for your volunteers to get together to take action. It’s a time for volunteers to reach voters. It’s a time for you to test your volunteers. And it’s a time to display the kind of discipline that is absolutely crucial for an organizer to have.

Sometimes call time is really great. Maybe on those nights, your volunteers bring in your favorite food, you have a really great night on the phone, or you have a great group of volunteers in working hard the whole time.

Let’s be real though. Call time isn’t always fun. Sometimes those five hours feel like five years. Sometimes no one is home, or worse—the only people home are shockingly cranky. Instead of just toughing your way through those sometimes miserable nights (like any good organizer is trained to do), try making intentional efforts to make it more enjoyable—for you, for your fellow organizers, and for your volunteers.

To help you out, each issue of 63 Magazine will bring you new ideas to make call time more fun. Because, admit it: you need it to be more fun.

For this issue, we’ve made you Call Time Bingo! It’s just like regular Bingo, except instead of numbers, the board is full of things that might happen while you’re making your calls. Some of the squares are full of happy outcomes and some hold frustrating outcomes, because that mix is a quintessential part of every call time.

Download your Call Time Bingo board now, print a few for you and your fellow organizers and spice up your next call time. Decide ahead of time what the winner of Call Time Bingo gets (maybe extra help on their data entry, maybe a free beer). Your tough spirit helps you get through tough nights of call time, but adding some extra fun to the mix might lighten the load.




Download the Call Time Bingo Board: click here.