Organizer Spotlight: Angel Montes

“I want to leave it all here. I don’t want to go back wherever I go thinking that I could have done more. I want to work as hard as I can, make as many calls as I have to make, build our volunteer base as large as we have to make it and then I’ll feel like I accomplished what I needed to do here.”

Organizer Angel Montes will certainly be able to wake up on November 9th knowing he did everything he could to elect Hillary Clinton as the 45th President of the United States. On June 14th of this year, Angel began working as an organizer for the Wisconsin Democratic Party and since then, he’s empowered volunteers throughout Stevens Point, creating a broad organization of leaders working to elect Democrats up and down the ticket.

When he started, Angel was new to Wisconsin and new to political organizing. Before accepting the job and leaving Oregon to move across the country, Angel worked for 15 years at the American Red Cross recruiting volunteers to lead blood drives.

His vast experience empowering individuals has proved essential as he organizes central Wisconsin, but his passion to elect Hillary is even more indispensable.

Born in Santa Cruz, Oaxaca, Mexico, Angel and his family came to the United States as undocumented immigrants when he was four years old. Watching Donald Trump’s negative rhetoric towards undocumented immigrants—people like Angel’s family who came to the U.S. looking for a better life—Angel realized he needed to act.

When Trump says that Mexicans are rapists and murderers, Angel thinks of how hard he and his family worked to gain their citizenship, of how hard they worked to create a better future for themselves.

“When I was 14 years old, I was working in the fields with my mom and my sister in California picking tomatoes in the heat for 12 cents a bucket. I look at my mom and my brothers and sisters, and I don’t see [what Trump sees]. I see really, really hard-working people who just want to do better and want to pay their taxes and want to make sure that they continue to progress and give their kids a better life.”

Angel watched Trump denigrate people like him and instead of getting angry, he did what all good organizers do—he took action.

After applying online and speaking with Chris Garretty, now his deputy organizing director, Angel began organizing in an empty room in Stevens Point. Angel still works in the same room four months later, but it’s not so empty anymore.

Relishing the opportunity to build an organization from scratch, Angel has worked extremely hard to build relationships with volunteers in his turf, identifying people who can take on leadership roles and working each day to organize himself out of a job. He’s pretty close to accomplishing just that—recently, a few of his volunteers have come to him asking for more responsibility so they can relieve some of the pressure on him.

It’s not surprising to hear from Angel that he has a laser-like focus on maintaining strong relationships with his volunteer leaders. He realizes how important these leaders are to electing Hillary as president, so he constantly thinks of new ways to recognize their hard work and show them how appreciative he is.

Angel’s passion and commitment is so evident, it’s obvious to anyone that speaks to him that he works almost non-stop building an organization of empowered local volunteers.

“I’ve worked as hard as I can locally to convince people not to vote for Trump. I want to make sure I continue to work just as hard so that he doesn’t become president, and so that we have Hillary Clinton as our 45th President.”

With organizers like Angel on her side, I know Hillary will be successful this November. Keep up the great work, Angel! And thanks for all that you do.