Organizer Spotlight: Megan Preambo

Organizer Spotlight: Megan Preambo

Campaign: O’Malley for President

City: Ames, Iowa

What makes this organizer special:

Megan is a great all-around organizer who began organizing with the O’Malley team since June 2015.

Megan has a die-hard determination in her attitude to hit her goals, but also an inclusiveness to make sure all of her volunteers feel welcomed, and part of the team. She is constantly meeting new volunteers and supporters and getting them involved in the O’Malley campaign.

Sometimes she will drop by her volunteers’ houses while canvassing or when in town just to surprise them and catch up. And her favorite part of organizing is team-building with her volunteers and fellow organizers. She loves working together to plan a course of action because she sees herself as part of the community she organizes in, as a neighbor to the volunteers she works so closely with.

Part of Megan’s turf includes Iowa State University and the students are lucky for it.

She knows how busy students are so she makes it easier for them to get involved by setting up phone banks at the university library and leading dorm-storms right on campus.

Everything Megan does, she does with a great attitude and with passion for a candidate she truly believes in. As someone who truly understands what lies at the heart of great organizing, Megan makes a difference and makes Iowa better.