Volunteer Spotlight: Maura Phelan

Volunteer Spotlight: Maura Phelan 

Campaign: Neil Makhija for PA State Representative 

City: Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

What makes This Volunteer Special:

Maura, an ultimate team player who is always positive, always energetic, and always ready to knock doors, is a high school student who began volunteering for Neil for PA at the end of 2015.

Maura, who has known the candidate Neil Makhija for years, went to her first campaign event, a rally for Obama in 2008 when she was eight years old and was lucky enough to get a pat on the head from then-Senator Biden. Next, she got involved in her first campaign when she was only 12 years old, volunteering for the 2012 State House campaign for Ron Rabenold.

Now, as part of the family who was one of Neil’s first contributors and first supporters, Maura shows extreme dedication to the campaign.

She started by collecting petitions in the heart of winter in freezing temperatures. Then she spent her spring going to school, playing high school tennis, training for field hockey, canvassing for the campaign at night, and finally going home to study until midnight or later.

Maura doesn’t have a favorite organizing activity because she excels at all of them. She brings up the energy level of everyone around her, knocking doors with anyone at any time (including over 500 with the candidate alone). It’s crazy to think what Maura will accomplish as she gets older, but for now, Neil and his team are incredibly lucky to have her and are constantly inspired by her quiet commitment to doing the hard work. As Neil says, “When one organizer leads by example, it lifts up the entire group.”